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Is your house lying down?
Laurel Vespi
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Is your house lying down?

This post is by guest blogger, Laurel Vespi, chief guru at stone circle coaching.

The other day I was chatting with a friend who was telling me that she was in the midst of a re-do of her house. Seems she had heard on TV that your home should “rise up to meet you”.

“It’s more like my house is lying down,” she said.

So she was a woman with a mission: out with the old wallpaper, and in with a fresh coat of paint. Next would be some updated furniture and a purging of knick knacks and chotchkies.

Is your home lying down?

And I don’t just mean does your house look like an audition for the reality show Hoarders.

Of course there’s the clutter thing. That’s a whole other story. But there’s another important aspect to your surroundings that’s captured in the idea of your home rising up to meet you.

Do you feel “at home” in your home?

Is it a good reflection of who you are – right now – not 10 or 15 years ago?

Does it restore you at the end of a busy day – provide you with sanctuary?

Take a look around and see if your house is lying down too.

Has your home become a couch potato?

If yes, time to breath some life into it. Get it back in shape.

I get why our houses sometimes lie down. We’re busy. Our spouse doesn’t have the same taste as we do. We’re not even sure what it would or could look like. And we know that Nate Berkus isn’t ringing our doorbell any time soon.

You can always do the home make-over thing if you like or simply begin smaller. It doesn’t have to take a home improvement loan to get your house off the couch.

If you are stuck for ideas, there are companies that come and redesign your home using your current furniture. No shopping or credit card bills. Just a fresh look.

Browse through some decorating magazines and get some ideas. Invite some girlfriends over, get a bottle of wine and brainstorm.

Try creating one corner that rises up to meet you. Remove the clutter and anything that doesn’t fill you with love and inspiration. Sitting in that space might just give you the oomph to tackle the next part.

What’s happening at your house?

If you would like to learn more about breathing some life into your life, please visit

Laurel Vespi is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and award-winning author. Laurel loves working with women to help them clarify their life purpose, and find more balance, fun and satisfaction in their lives. Sign up for her monthly newsletter at and receive a free bonus.
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Laurel Vespi

Laurel VespiLaurel Vespi

Motivational speaker and mindfulness expert Laurel Vespi helps women find moments of pause, purpose and presence in the midst of a busy and distracted world.

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Full biography

Motivational speaker and mindfulness expert Laurel Vespi helps women find moments of pause, purpose and presence in the midst of a busy and distracted world. Be inspired by her popular podcast The Being and The Doing or get practical tips from her weekly newsletter The Mindful Way. Find out more on her website

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