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Perfectly fabulous
Laurel Vespi
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Perfectly fabulous

This post is by guest blogger, Laurel Vespi, chief guru at stone circle coaching.

Ever notice how easy it is to acknowledge the skills and talents of other women yet shy away from celebrating your own fabulousness? When someone comments on how wonderful you are or what a great job you did, do you brush it off as not that big a deal?

If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. It’s a pretty common experience. Secretly we all have some degree of the imposter syndrome. We don’t really believe that we are as fabulous as other people seem to think. We might even have a slightly uneasy feeling that one day everyone will find out that we don’t have it all together nearly as well as it might seem.

As women, we regularly think that we should do more. In spite of a million things we’re juggling, somehow it’s not enough. We might even entertain the scarier thought that somehow “I am not enough.”

Not a chance!

The real you is more than enough. That’s true even when the real you is not superwoman, doesn’t know all the answers and needs some help once in a while. The real you is not perfect – thank goodness! 

Knock-offs in designer purses or jeans are one thing – but when it comes to people, we love the real thing. You don’t have to try to be anything other than yourself. It’s your uniqueness that makes you fabulous – warts and all.

Think of it this way – you are a work in progress. Making mistakes is just part of the journey. Your fabulousness does not reside at some point in the future when you lose ten pounds, find the right partner, land five new clients or de-clutter your house. Go ahead and set whatever goals you want and know that all along the way you – the real you – is just fine.

You don’t have to apologize for who you are any longer. Go ahead and embrace the real you.

Here are some things to try:

• Share your story. It’s a wonderful feeling to know that you are not alone.

• Keep a success journal. Write down your accomplishments – big and small. It’s a great way to build self-confidence.

• Banish ‘should’ and ‘always’ from your vocabulary. They are a fast track to perfectionism.

• Look in the mirror and smile at yourself. Be amazed by the person you see.

You were fabulous on the day you were born and you are fabulous today. That’s just perfect.

Laurel Vespi is a certified life coach, motivational speaker, and award-winning author. Laurel loves working with women to help them clarify their life purpose, and find more balance, fun and satisfaction in their lives. Sign up for her monthly newsletter at and receive a free bonus.

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AuthorLaurel Vespi
Laurel Vespi

Laurel VespiLaurel Vespi

Motivational speaker and mindfulness expert Laurel Vespi helps women find moments of pause, purpose and presence in the midst of a busy and distracted world.

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Motivational speaker and mindfulness expert Laurel Vespi helps women find moments of pause, purpose and presence in the midst of a busy and distracted world. Be inspired by her popular podcast The Being and The Doing or get practical tips from her weekly newsletter The Mindful Way. Find out more on her website

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