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About Fabulous at 50: Celebrating the Baby Boomer Women

The Fabulous@50 website is set up for baby boomer women by baby boomer women. We want to bring a community of women together to create a safe place to grow and inspire each other. We will have fabulous writers, great products and from time to time, fun events to attend. 

The boomer demographic is looking for products and services that appeal to their sense of adventure, curiosity, renegade energy and continuous development. Boomer women are often in the most vibrant time of their lives and are wanting to embrace it by exploring and creating new experience. These women are making 75-85% of the buying decisions in their homes. Regardless of age, ethnicity or life-stage they are looking for commonalities to create connections. We are creating opportunities for women to connect to each other and your brand or company in a communal fun nature. 

Your lifestyle is our motivation! We make it our mission to cover anything and everything that is important to you - including alternative medicines, retirement, fitness, overseas homes, hobbies, fashion, beauty, home and garden, travel and financial planning.

Our Vision
To build a vibrant, global community that inspires, educates and empowers Baby Boomer women through compassionate relationships with each other, and with the support of businesses who provide what these women need, want, and love. To continue to expand the Fabulous@50 community with the heart-based leadership of mature women who wish to support and motivate other such women through friendship, connection, and personal development. To awaken, encourage, and celebrate the power and contributions of mature women worldwide.

Mission what we do, how we do it, for whom
To create a heart-based community dedicated to supporting mature women from all walks of life. Through tradeshows and a variety of lively events, as well as print and online publications, we send the message to mature women that it is never too late to follow their dreams and find their purpose and passion, or to use their wisdom, talents and natural gifts. Through virtual and live community, we remind these women that they are not alone and empower them to connect with each other and celebrate their fabulousness.

Company Why
In communities around the world, women over the age of forty struggle to find what they need: safe places to grow personally and professionally and the opportunity to develop friendships and cultivate community. Embroiled in transition, with careers coming to an end, children leaving home and their bodies changing, these women find themselves at a loss, feeling isolated and believing it’s too late to thrive. We not only believe that these women have a wealth of wisdom, skill, and talent to share, but also that the years from fifty on can, in fact, be fabulous. We know that women want and are able to make a difference, but sometimes need encouragement, inspiration, and community to help them move forward.

Core Values
• Compassion • Empowerment • Community • Fun • Gratitude

If Not Now When?

Meet Dianna BowesDianna Bowes

Creator of the Fabulous@50 Experience and Martini Party. Creative Editor of Be Fabulous! Magazine. Webmaster

When was the last time you felt truly inspired? How long since you’ve focused your attention solely on you?? The emotional bond women share is unmistakably unique…the ability to nurture, motivate and encourage often provides new perspectives on life, love and the everyday issues we face. The greatest gift we can give ourselves is the time and attention to focus on what matters.

Fabulous @ 50 is the innovation of Dianna Bowes…a woman who recognized what 40-something and 50-something baby boomer women were missing: the opportunity to connect, have fun, learn and be inspired. No longer satisfied with the limited networking options available, Bowes decided to create a community dedicated to helping women from all walks of life rediscover their passion…whatever that may be. “My passion has always centered on helping people, so this was a natural fit for me."

My Personal Why for starting Fabulous@50
At birth, I was given up by my mother and lived with my grandparents until the age of nineteen. During those years, I grew up in the midst of addiction and violence. Rather than feeling cherished as every child should be, I felt isolated, burdensome, and alone. By the time I moved out, I took lingering chronic stress and distrust with me. I found brief joy in marrying my high school sweetheart, but lost him, ten days short of our first anniversary and just before my twenty-first birthday. Still grieving, I rebounded into another marriage and quickly put myself back into a revolving door of addiction and unhappiness. When a serious surgery and divorce knocked me on my back—literally—I found a deep desire to start my life over and to make a difference in my community. I saw a need for women to come together in a safe environment and to kickstart the discovery of their own dreams. Because I knew what it felt like to be alone and hopeless, I wanted to give other women a different experience and the chance to re-experience their lives, so just before my fiftieth birthday, I started Fabulous@50.

Fabulous@50 Founder - CEO, Creative Director
• 2017 Winner of Edmonton's Best Tradeshow
• 2015 Winner of Stevie Award - (Bronze) - Female Entrepreneur of the Year in Canada
• 2014 Business Leaders of Tomorrow Award
• 2014 Winner of Stevie Award (Gold) Best Event, (Bronze) Women Helping Women
• 2011 YWCA Women with Distinction - Turning Point Category

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