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Baby Boomer Women

What Is a Baby Boomer?

The exact age that comprises a baby boomer seems to vary from one publication to the next. Birth years seem to range from about 1943 all the way to 1966. But the most common answer to the question of “What is a baby boomer?” is: an individual born during the demographic post-World War II baby boom. Taking this one step further, you’ll come to discover that dictionaries will describe the word boom as: “to progress, grow or flourish vigorously, as in a business or a city”. I find this depiction to be both poignant and inspirational.

Baby Boomer women 


Baby Boomer Generation

The baby boomer generation has always been about reshaping life expectations as taught to them by prior generations. Ironic, some may say, as many values of the baby boomer generation have mirrored those of their parents. Regardless, the present-day baby boomer woman has more opportunities to “progress, grow and flourish” than her mother could have dreamed possible. In an age where 60 is the new 40…and technology puts the information of the world as close as your fingertips, the potential for realizing your dreams has never been more attainable.

Baby boomer women of today are commanding higher salaries, have increased emotional independence and are boldly willing to withstand greater risks to achieve their goals.


Fabulous at 50: The Catalyst for Change

Dianna Bowes created Fabulousat50 to celebrate the life, loves and changes facing baby boomer women as they employ new and exciting ways to navigate the ever-changing landscape of their lives. Empowering and inspiring women 40-60 years of age to embrace change, encouraging those around them to pursue their dreams and forever reminding the baby boomer generation of women that success is never beyond their reach, regardless of their chronological age, is what Fabulousat50 is all about.

“I played the role of someone that I wasn’t (in my former marriage) for a really long time and I think there are a lot of women-especially of our generation due to the way we were brought up-who feel limited because there were stipulations on what we could do and how we could be. But we must live our lives on our own
terms,” says Dianna.


Embracing Change

For if not now, when?” This has become Dianna’s tagline for today’s baby boomer woman. Stop waiting for the perfect time to make a change….the time is now!

Fabulousat50 is a website filled with informative articles and links that are tailored to the unique challenges and topics relevant to the lives of women from the baby boomer generation, with contributors who rank top in their field…and are baby boomers themselves. In addition, there is the Baby Boomer Blog@50, where readers can find articles and tips on everything from fashion to food…from developing career life skills to family issues.

In addition, Fabulousat50 offers you:Fabulous @50 Experience

  • Fabulous@50 meetupAnnual Baby Boomer Tradeshows - Fabulous at 50 Experience and Martini Party
  • Baby Boomer Magazine -Be Fabulous eMagazine
  • On-Line and Off-Line Community Membership Options

The tradeshow features vendors with products and services specific to baby boomer women, inspirational speakers, contests, entertainment, exhibitors and of course, a martini bar.

Fabulous@50 has grown beyond it's Edmonton home to Calgary, Moncton and Toronto. The Fabulous@50 meetup group in Edmonton has had over 250 events organized by Dianna Bowes and her team, with over 500 members from Edmonton and Central Alberta. Gathering together for social events, personal development opportunities and for fundraising in the community has this vibrant group growing across Alberta.

Rounding out the Fabulousat50 experience is the Be Fabulous eMagazine…celebrating the baby boomer woman and brimming with relevant articles and timely advice.

Welcome to our flourishing community. We’re happy to accompany you on your journey to be the very best that you can be.

You are fascinating.  You are fantastic.  You are fearless. You are Fabulousat50!
















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