Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Celebrate Mothering
Joanne Neweduk

Celebrate Mothering

Mother's Day 2020

To all the fabulous women in our community who:

... Have a mother

... Are a mother

... Have ever been or had a mothering figure 

Happy Mother's Day 2020

Cheers to Mothering!!!

Let's all remember to nurture ourself as well, so we can give from our overflow. 

"A fabulous woman knows she needs to fill her own cup first." 

This is a quote that Dianne put on bookmarks to remind us that self care is important.

I believe that part of self care is the ability to both generously give and graciously recieve. This beautiful cycle of reciprocity is so often broken or blocked because we simply have not been taught that both are equally valuable and necessary.

On this fine (ok, it actually has turned rather cold and blustery here) Mother's Day Sunday, may the greatest gift you give yourself is a few minutes to reflect on how the incredible women in your life have been motherly and nurturing to you and ackowledge yourself for the times you have been nurturing to others. You have likely impacted their life far greater than you might imagine.  When love and appreciation is shown, say thank you, smile and let it soak in.  If you have the tendency to wave off a complement.... Stop!  Drink it in, you deserve it.  Say thank you. You will fill both your heart and theirs when you do. 

Today, let's celebrate those mothering and nurturing moments that enrich our lives. 

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AuthorJoanne Neweduk
Joanne Neweduk

Joanne NewedukJoanne Neweduk

Joanne Neweduk is the Community Director for Fabulous@50 Calgary and founder of Brilliant Light Wellness.

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Joanne Neweduk is the Community Director for Fabulous@50 Calgary and founder of Brilliant Light Wellness.

She is a speaker, facilitator, engaging podcast host, and mastermind mentor. She joyfully nurtures others to holistic health using a unique blend of modalities, including light and sound therapy, belief re-patterning and personal leadership coaching. A devoted humanitarian and co-author of several award-winning bestsellers, Joanne’s message is about having the courage to choose adventure, to accept support, and to know, beyond a doubt, that you deserve to be cherished.


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Joanne Neweduk

Happy Mother's Day

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