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Fabulous at 50 Experience

Moncton, New Brunswick

Date: Saturday, November 10

Time: 10-5

Venue: Moncton Lions Club

Venue Address: Mark Ave. Moncton.
See map below

Come on out on November 10th to enjoy a fun-filled day of shopping opportunities! We will be hosting a vendor event to showcase various different vendors selling all types of stuff, from jewelry to travel to clothes and make-up, please contact us to book your table ASAP. The tables will be $50.00 to rent one or 2 for $80.00 for the day, with door prizes, silent auction, and a canteen on site. All proceeds from the silent auction will go to the Humanity Project, there will also be a 50/50 draw with proceeds going to Team Diabetes. To book your table or for more information contact Juanita at 855-9186 or juanita@fabulousat50.com .






Is Stress Getting the Upper Hand?


Have you been looking forward to the second half of your life only to find it is much more complicated than you could have imagined? Have you stepped into retirement to be challenged by people who believe you no longer contribute and maybe even are a societal drain? Perhaps you find yourself in a caregiver role of the very young or the elderly, with less free time than ever before.

Stress can take its toll on the physical and emotional self. Now, more than ever, is the time to take back your power. Make learning and practicing steps to build resilience your priority. You are so WORTH it!


Barb Fletcher


Barb was born and raised in Fredericton. She grew up the eldest of three girls. She embraced alternative approaches to being well for more than 25 years and has enjoyed the continuous learning it provides. Like everyone she has experienced transitions and big changes in her life and has used the tools and techniques. She recently transitioned out of a 35 year career and now spends her time coaching and helping people live their best life.


Website: https://barb-fletcher.com



Photo Credit Andongfoto 77

Barbara Aubie, B.A. 

Barbara has been studying, teaching and performing Bellydancing for over 20 years and her work covers a number of different styles such as Vintage Oriental (AmCab), Egyptian (Folkloric, Vintage, Modern), Turkish (Folkloric, Vintage) and Tribal Improvisation (ATS, ITS, Fusion). She has her BA in History/Sociology, is well experienced in a number of body-mind healing modalities and has over 10 years experience working with women in the non-profit sector. She combines all her training with her Bellydance practice to give her students a safe, fun & well-rounded experience that includes a lot more than the fundamentals of this beautiful art form.

Barbara founded her school, Studio Sephira, in the Spring of 2000 where her mind-body approach to learning is applied in a wide variety of classes for beginner to advance level students. The schools curriculum covers not only dance technique and movement vocabulary specific to different styles of Bellydance, but it also covers choreography work, improvisation skills, music theory as well as the history and culture of the art form. Classes, workshops, special events, shows and retreats are offered year round to help students not only gently learn to embody the varied and sometimes complex movement vocabulary of this art form but also to allow them to connect to the ever growing community that the school cultivates. Her wish is for each woman to find her inner dancer and give her permission to shine.



Fernande Condron

I am from Moncton,and I am the mother of three children and the grandmother of four beautiful grandchildren.

I have been line dancing for approximately 23 years. I teach Modern Line Dancing which is danced to pop, Latin, big band and country music. Since my retirement dancing and teaching has become my passion. I enjoy it tremendously.  I teach people of all ages.  It gives me great satisfaction to see the smiles on their faces and see them enjoying themselves. Being a Breast Cancer Survivor, I decided to host “The Dance to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Workshop.” This event was held in May 2008 and we donated $9,000.00 to the Friends of the Moncton Hospital towards their “Stop the Wait Campaign.”

On August 23rd, my group will participate in the “Moncton 2017 Downtown Dances” piloted in Moncton in collaboration with the Atlantic Ballet Theatre Canada. We are looking forward to participating in this great community event. I have also participated and instructed in many workshops in the Atlantic Provinces, and will be attending the “Florida Line Dance Classic” in Orlando, Florida on November 30th. These workshops are organized by top Choreographers and dancers nationally and internationally.

Thank you to Juanita Wilson for inviting us to your event and hope you enjoy our dancing.





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