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As a Fabulous@50 COSMO CLUB member you may choose among this smart, dynamic team of skilled coaching professionals to help support you in reaching your business or personal goals. Fabulous@50 is about educating, empowering and inspiring women 40 plus, and are available to you for a FREE 30 minute session. Contact one or all. 

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Whether it is personal or professional concerns, having a coach has helped me move further and faster than I ever imagined. I have hired life coaches, business coaches and fitness coaches to help me move forward and to help me get out the sticky muck I get into occasionally. 

Dianna Bowes
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Loretta Friedrich, C.H.N.C., N.N.C.P.

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant




Loretta Friedrich, C.H.N.C., N.N.C.P.. is a health advocate, local supporter, community leader, speaker, writer, author, program creator / director of Your Food Story, and award-winning business owner of Sprout Natural Nutritional Consulting. She enjoys walking, getting vegetable stains on her hands, and smelling dirt!

• Brainy Babes
• Stress, Diet, and Weight
• Taste of Nutrition
• Your Food Story #urfoodstory

Coaching Philosophy
Your emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual experiences and needs are unique. Quite simply, there is no one else like you. This is the context in which your story about eating, food, and health is voiced and validated. You hold the key to unlock knowledge and open new insights in order to nourish your health. I guide you to identify them.

What results can I expect?
• Pinpoint one health concern
• Begin to uncover your story about food and how it impacts your health concern
• Recognize that you are more than what you eat

Who Can Benefit Most

You want to use your food experiences and knowledge to nourish your own health. Are you curious? Open to do so? You are also committed to changing eating habits though support, guidance, and accountability. You are so tired of dieting.


Loretta offers a one of a kind program with an approach to dieting in a way I’ve never heard of before. She starts by getting to the root of the problem – your mindset. She takes you from the ‘beat yourself up’ way of thinking to becoming a food connoisseur who enjoys every morsel you put in your mouth then your body processes your food in an efficient way. If you’ve struggled with yo-yo dieting, I highly recommend Loretta. You will be treated with respect and understanding, not only by her, but also by yourself which is why this works. Thank you Loretta for developing such a great program. ~ Lil Lizarre, Tender Loving Cups

Loretta demystified the benefits of so many food products I have been hearing about when she provided such clear examples so relevant to our lifestyle. The fact she also offered recipes and ways to use them in our everyday meals meant I could go home and instantly put them in my meals. It was a wonderfully engaging and informative session. Thanks, Loretta. ~ Krista Rivet, Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation

Loretta brought her expertise, energy, and enthusiasm to our ADHD adult support group meeting. Good food habits and nutrition are important to everybody, but particularly so for people with ADHD. Loretta brought sensible ideas to the table and had lots of information and tips to share. In a lively presentation lasting just an hour,

Loretta was able to cover the basics and more; we all went home with new things to add to our repertoire. ~ Cathie Crooks, AAGE Adult Support Group

I learned so much from the Your Food Story workshop such as: the meaning of NEAT; taking the time to eat, and choosing a place to eat besides at my desk; good food combining; unplugging for a quiet time with music without words every day; how I looked at / prepared food – having more fun with the preparation process; and, slowing down my eating so I can taste the flavors in each bite. So many more nutritional insights were learned during the group and private meetings. Loretta is truly an inspiration, and a pleasure to learn from her. ~ B.J-W, accountant
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