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As a Fabulous@50 COSMO CLUB member you may choose among this smart, dynamic team of skilled coaching professionals to help support you in reaching your business or personal goals. Fabulous@50 is about educating, empowering and inspiring women 40 plus, and are available to you for a FREE 30 minute session. Contact one or all. 

One of these sessions is worth the membership cost alone.

Why you need a Coach:

Whether it is personal or professional concerns, having a coach has helped me move further and faster than I ever imagined. I have hired life coaches, business coaches and fitness coaches to help me move forward and to help me get out the sticky muck I get into occasionally. 

Dianna Bowes
Founder of Fabulous@50

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Dr. Pam Robertson

Chief Instigator @ The Ladybird Files

Phone: 780.232.0083




Coaching Philosophy
Are you sick and tired of the work you do, or the life you have, or simply what’s for dinner? Let’s start out be using a holistic approach to what is currently working for you, what you want from life, and then we’ll create a plan that integrates the sometimes disjointed parts of life into one healthy, dynamite package. My experience includes working as career, life, and business coach, a teacher, and researcher through my own adventures, working with people from A-Z (literally accountants to zookeepers), coaching, counselling, speaking, and simply listening. A dedication to lifelong learning, including a doctorate in career development and my ongoing desire to bring more and be more to my clients, means that I have access to tools that many coaches might not, and I am happy to share them with my clients.

What Results Can I Expect
• A self examination of where you are at, your talents, and exploration of where you want to be
• Action plans that help spur you into the right direction, and an accountability partner
• A renewed sense of self, accomplishment, and confidence, all the result of working on relevant goals, busting through barriers, and working through resistance
• A holistic approach that assists in dealing with change, and developing practices that promote resilience

Who Can Benefit Most
• People who are ready to get what they’d like from life, and are willing to tackle the work in exchange for their results

"Pam's passion and enthusiasm as a career developer and coach are contagious. I appreciate her willingness to share her knowledge and experience so freely with everyone she meets and love participating in her vibrant and functional workshops! As a coach, a mentor, facilitator, and friend Pam is dynamite!!!" PY, Fort Saskatchewan, AB

"Pam Robertson has a unique ability to make an instant personal connection with her clients. Her most approachable nature in her role as coach and mentor has led to great insights and directions on my career journey and this continues to result in new and exciting opportunities in my life. I recommend Pam Robertson to anyone who is ready to embrace change as she builds confidence and has left me believing that I can accomplish my goals in life." RM, Edmonton, AB

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