Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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Setting Your Intentions for 2019 - A Fabulous@50 Workshop    

Setting Your Intentions for 2019 - A Fabulous@50 Workshop

Join Us To Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet!

Tuesday January 15th - 6:30 - 9:00 pm

What Do You Want 2019 To Be For You?

Setting new years resolutions and goals for your year is great, and doing this can absolutely help you get on track to achieving the life you want for next year.

But, we have all had resolutions that fall away in a few weeks...
And sometimes setting actual 'goals' can feel like too much pressure, or too 'formal' or stressful and we resist, or lose track...

So this year, let's create your Intentions for 2019!

Let`s find your word, or words, ones that represent what you want to be, do and have in your life!
This creates the foundation for your decisions, for your Yes and No responses to the questions and opportunities that arise.

Does it align with my Intentions, with my 2019 Words?

In this workshop you will explore and create your intentions for 2019 and create a Word Art Poster for your home or office to inspire and guide you.

Our `Fabulous` facilitator for this workshop is Life Coach Lisa Hardess

About Lisa: Passionate Coaching Professional


'Hi, I'm Lisa and I'm passionate about the way words and thoughts affect how we feel and create our experiences in life. For nearly 20 years I have worked as a consultant, a coach, a teacher, and a planner - often all at the same time! - with individuals of all ages, communities and small business to help them consciously create the life they want by changing their inner and outer game.
My formal training allows me to bring an incredible combination of science, psychology, education, planning and implementation to my client work; I have a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Education, a Master of Planning and am certified with the (Bob) Proctor Gallagher Institute.
When you weave together critical mind shifting tools and strategic action planning you can set your intentions and goals, create authentic belief, and take inspired action for what you want! It all starts by living from the inside out and learning to harness the power of your mind for your own success. I've used these tools in my own life to recover from debilitating illness, build fabulous careers, parent incredible kids, find (and stay!) in love with my husband, and more! And so can YOU!

What do you REALLY want? In life, in work, in love, in your family?

If you are ready to say YES, with your heart and your mind, I'm here to support you.'


Cost: $25.00 via e transfer to roberta@fabulousat50.com or paypal 

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Location: Creeds Coffee Bar

Address: 390 Dupont Street

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