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Fabulous @ 50 Inside Out Makeover

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Calgary, Alberta

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Do you know someone that has spent a little too much time helping others? Or maybe it’s you who has put your family or career ahead of your well-being and have forgotten about yourself? We want to give you or that fabulously helpful woman in your life an Inside Out Makeover for FREE!
Send is a 250-word story on why you or the woman you are nominating should receive this fabulous makeover! If you are applying on behalf of the fabulous woman in your life, please ensure the woman is a good candidate and is in agreement to the contest rules. You will not be judged on writing ability, but authenticity. Our qualified judge’s panel will pick the winner based on story and genuineness. 

Contest  - Feb 12 - March 2
Announce Winner  March 7
Makeover  - March 20

You MUST agree to the contest rules, please read, print out and sign


Please read thoroughly and submit with your story and full body picture (jpg format) to


Inside Out Makeovers

2011 Inside Out Makeover 2nd Prize Winner - Kimberly Smith

When My friend Sharon suggested that I enter my name in The Fabulous at 50 draw for a makeover I was hesitant, this was never really a part of my experience to be pampered. Although this entire experience appeared to focus on the exterior I truly felt an interior shift through it all. As a mom to 5 kids taking time for myself is not always at the top of the list, actually it is somewhere near the bottom. Every single person I met through this was truly interested in me as a person not just my appearance. The conversations and encouragement- the support and outpouring of generosity touched me in ways that are difficult to describe. I felt important, that I was worth the time and the effort! Often as a mom my own needs are viewed by me as unimportant or too much of a bother. I was surrounded by women who are successful, empowering, encouraging and supportive. I appreciate the amazing haircut, the fabulous outfit and bag, the sparkling jewelry, and the fact that I now have perfectly shaped eyebrows! Being pampered over these weeks made me feel like I was worth the bother, allowed me to focus on myself and my needs for a while. But honestly - the amazing women that I met that helped me "make over" my attitude towards taking care of myself have left a lasting impact. The day of the make over I had a job interview afterwards. I walked into that interview filled with confidence and bursting with the shared energy of so many fabulous women! Of course I got the job! Yes, I had the fun experience of being "made over" my phyisical exterior was changed, I dressed up, polished up and looked fantastic! But truly being pampered and cared for, supported and encouraged - in a word "loved" by so many women helped to "make over" my attitude towards myself. And that I will keep with me where ever I go! Thank you! Kim


Kimberly Smith 2011 Inside Out Makeover 2nd Prize Winner


Kimberly Smith 2011 Inside Out Makeover 2nd Prize Winner

The Inside Out Makeover

Breakfast Television - Oct 27, 2011

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