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Fabulous @ 50 Inside Out Makeover

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Calgary, Alberta

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Do you know someone that has spent a little too much time helping others? Or maybe it’s you who has put your family or career ahead of your well-being and have forgotten about yourself? We want to give you or that fabulously helpful woman in your life an Inside Out Makeover for FREE!
Send is a 250-word story on why you or the woman you are nominating should receive this fabulous makeover! If you are applying on behalf of the fabulous woman in your life, please ensure the woman is a good candidate and is in agreement to the contest rules. You will not be judged on writing ability, but authenticity. Our qualified judge’s panel will pick the winner based on story and genuineness. 

Contest  - Feb 12 - March 2
Announce Winner  March 7
Makeover  - March 20

You MUST agree to the contest rules, please read, print out and sign


Please read thoroughly and submit with your story and full body picture (jpg format) to


Inside Out Makeovers

2011 Inside Out Makeover 3rd Prize Winner - Margaret McPherson

My makeover experience was ... well ... fabulous, but interestingly not just for reasons of confidence and polish, although I got that in spades. No, what I found so moving and wonderful for me was to see women rally around, really believing in each individuals potential, in lending a hand to make that potential realized. In one case it was a stylist who went the extra mile to figure out who I was, and what would best reflect my personality. In another case it was a women working in a shop who pulled out overlooked items that volia, made an outfit really work. In another instance it was sharing a laugh and a little bit more about the wonderful women who gave skin care products and make-up advice. When it came right down to it, we are all human, occupying our own skin, trying to be as true to ourselves as possible. And the women on the makeover team, knew that. They didn't try at all to change me, they chose to enhance and let a little bit more of me shine through. It was a heartening and humbling experience and it made me proud and happy to be a proud and happy woman over fifty...with fifty times fifty wonderful proud and happy sisters who see celebration as a reflection of the best self you can be. Margaret


Margaret McPherson 2011 Inside Out Makeover 3rd Prize Winner


Margaret McPherson 2011 Inside Out Makeover 3rd Prize Winner

The Inside Out Makeover

Breakfast Television - Oct 27, 2011

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