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Lisa Copeland

The Dating Coach Who Makes Dating Fun and Easier Over 50!




 About Lisa
After being married 24 years, Lisa found herself single for the first time at the age of 45. It’s hard coming out of a marriage and having to date again. It's not like someone hands you a dating rulebook with your divorce papers. After falling into one online dating pitfall after another, Lisa felt like a failure. Deciding she needed help, she searched for a dating coach for women like her. She met with younger coaches, but it felt like telling her kids about her love life. No way! Lisa started researching and figured out the tools that worked. She was having a blast dating really great men, her calendar was full of dates, and friends began asking for tips. Using the over 50 dating skills she discovered, they too began dating great guys and having fun. More than finding quality men, Lisa found her calling. “I didn't want women to have to struggle like I did for a decade. Although I can see now, the crazy dating experiences I had were meant to put me right where I am now – helping women find love after 50.”

Lisa is a coach to men and women, speaker and author of the #1 Amazon Best Seller, The Winning Dating Formula For Women Over 50. She is a blogger for the Huffington Post and has been published in newspapers across the country.

Coaching Philosophy

My mission is to help as many women over 50 as I can to have fun dating and finding the relationship they want at this time in their life. So many women are giving up on men and dating after 50 because they are frustrated with the current dating scene. It doesn’t have to be this way. I’d love to show you the possibilities for bringing a great man into your life.

What results Can they expect

• You’ll discover how to speak the language men actually hear that helps you get what you need in a relationship.…it’s not the same one you and your girlfriends use….
• Together we’ll create a profile and picture that attracts the men you want to meet
• You’ll know how to flirt online and in the real world…a lost art that quick and easy to learn
• We’ll create a personalized Dating Blueprint together for meeting men in both the real world and online. And you’ll know how to get your Dating Fairy Godmothers out there working for you.
• I’ll show you how to bring out your girly girlness that men love and gives you your real power in the relationship you want.
• Most women are dating without a clear vision of who they really want. It’s usually about who they don’t want. I’m going to give you a tool that will help you quickly determine whether he’s the one for you.
• #1 Attraction Factor for men is your Inner Glow. We’re going to relight that for you. In fact, I’ve had clients go from feeling pretty bad about themselves to saying, I’m an amazing catch by the end of this session! You can be too!
• And so much more

Who can benefit most

• Women who are just starting on the dating path and want the shortcuts for finding Mr. Right
• Women who have been in a dating rut and need a dating jumpstart
• Women who are struggling with dating and can’t seem to get a date with the guy they want
• Women who want to have fun dating but don’t know how!


"Lisa…thank you for the great insight into myself and men. I met a wonderful man in August on Match, and we are MADLY in LOVE!!!!! He is perfect for me. He appreciates me as a woman and all of my girly girlness, which is funny considering how I had no clue what that even meant before working with you. Thank you so much. Lots of love." -Vi

“Hi Lisa, Just thought I’d let you know about the new man in my life and thank you again for your valuable wisdom. It’s a great story about how we met. The best part was how well versed I felt with my assessment & dating skills when we did meet thanks to what I learned working with you. Thank you so much!” Anna

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